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Yle ryhtyy yhteistyöhön miesvihasivuston kanssa

YLE ryhtyy yhteistyöhön miesvihamielisen Vice-median kanssa.

Viimeisimpinä miesvihakirjoituksena esille on noussut The Year in Male Tears.

Kirjoitus “MISANDRY’S HERE TO STAY”: VICE Confirms They’re Anti-Men Scumbags huomauttaa aiheesta seuraavaa: 

Sometimes you see a column so brazen that you think it must be a joke. That’s what happened to me early this morning when I was reading a recent piece from VICE titled: The Year in Male Tears. I kept thinking this must be some kind of humorous take, or a comedy routine I was just missing out on somehow. “Maybe I’m just not getting it,” I thought. However, by the time I got to the end, it was clear that this whole fucking thing was quite serious.

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