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Onko helpompaa olla nainen vai mies?

Transsesukupuolinen 22-vuotias nainen joka on nyt korjannut sukupuolensa mieleisekseen kertoo kokemuksistaan naisena ja miehenä Reddit palvelussa. Huomaatte varmasti kun olette lukeneet tekstin, että miehillä todellakin on vaikeampaa kuin naisilla. Toivonkin siis todella että teksti herättää myös vastakkaisen sukupuolen ajatuksia, siitä miten vaikeaa on olla mies.

Teksti on kopio hänen kirjoituksestaan Reddit palvelussa.

You can call me D.
I’m a 22, almost 23 year old transgender male living in the US. I lived the first 17 years of my life as female, and have spent the last five presenting as male, and I have seen exactly what is different when it comes to how men and women are treated.
I have always felt like a guy. Even when I was little. My parents had no problem with me being a ‘tomboy’, or acting mannish – fishing, karate, lifting weights, kicking the shit out of other kids in competitive contact sports like football, baseball, whatever. This wasn’t something that anyone saw as ‘strange’ – which I now see as a huge double standard, as, if it were reversed with a male-assumed child acting feminine, he’d be ridiculed to shit, but I digress. I grew very tall, very wide, very ‘masculine’, very fast – I topped out at 5’9″ by the time I was 14, and I am taller and broader in the shoulders than my father. I have a very square head/face shape, which at times made people peg me for a lesbian, which was whatever – but my face DOES have some feminine qualities that now, as I pass as male, are a source of ridicule, mainly from women. I only mention these things because they are pretty integral to how I’ve been treated.
So many things that I was told to be proud of as a woman, now are a source of shame and teasing. Women can like and do whatever they like, but as a man, you are so god damn limited in what is ‘acceptable’. The more I see women screaming about wage gaps and how women are so limited and men are higher than they are in society, I could just vomit.
When I was presenting as female, I consistently got higher wages. Seriously. I have worked at a few gas stations in my time (because I am stupid and dropped out of school – any young redditors that are reading this, don’t you dare drop out of school, it SUCKS), and, shit you not, as female made close to $0.50 HIGHER, in the same county, same store chain (different branch). Why? Because a “single young female living on their own” deserved a bit more money than a single dude would. Simply for having a “F” on their ID.
When I identified as female, I was somehow awesome for being on the taller end of femme, but now? Now I’ve been called a “manlet” for being a hair under average male height – because apparently men get to be treated like shit for something that they can’t control. I’ve also noticed that, while dating women, a lot of them won’t even go NEAR you if you’re under 6 feet tall. Which is bullshit. As I’m bisexual it didn’t really matter too much to me, but I did notice something anectodally interesting – gay men and bisexual men don’t generally give a flying flip if you’re short or tall as long as there is chemistry between you. But of course, men are the judgemental ones, right guies?
Now, I like a lot of typically dudely things, but I also really like cooking, crafting, and (currently) being the stay-at-home husband that I am. These things are all consistently ridiculed by ‘friends’, former coworkers, and even family. As a woman, I could be as manly as I wanted, as butch as I pleased and no one batted an eye, but as I transitioned into male? It was “unacceptable”. I needed to “man up if I was going to be a man” – what the hell is this shit?
As a woman, I was free to be as shitty as I wanted, in personality, as well – in my (very stupid) younger man-hating years, no one was mad, and people even ENCOURAGED me to be a man hater! Now, as a man, I am apparently not even allowed to voice my opinion on women’s rights. Doesn’t matter that I still have breasts, a vagina, and two X chromosomes – nope. Because I pass as male, I have suddenly lost my ability to understand the plight of poor womenfolk.
There are SO many double standards between males and females, I could go on for the entire 15000 character limit, but I’ll leave it here and stop rambling.

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