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Newscast kertoo: "70 % kotiväkivallasta naisten tekemää"

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Newscast media kertoo tutkimuksesta josta selviää, että 70% kotiväkivallasta on naisten tekemää kohdistettuna mieheen. Tutkimus julkaistiin mitä ilmeisemmin jo 3 vuotta sitten, mutta se haudattiin tiettyjen tahojen painostamana sanoo Newscast.

Alkuperäinen artikkeli:

Original article by Joseph Earnest July 15, 2010

 Newscast Media HOUSTON—As the media flashes images and plays tapes of Mel Gibson screaming at his former lover, one has to wonder what the other side of the story is. It is obvious that Mel Gibson was set up by his girlfriend, whom he claims tried to extort him. While I don't condone any kind of violence, I have to present to my reading audience some cold hard facts that the 'mainstream media' has chosen to ignore in relation to domestic violence.

Forensic expert  Arlo West said on Good Morning America, in regard to the tapes, "I believe these are professionally done. I think she had help. She clearly was speaking into what we call a large diaphragm microphone. Her voice is very well engineered. She sounds great. To authenticate a recording it must be an original."

The information presented to you comes from investigative research of data produced by reputable organizations like Harvard Medical School, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Psychiatric Association, just to mention a few.

The mainstream media seems to imply that men are the sole perpetrators of violence against women, but research proves otherwise.  A recent study by Harvard Medical School conducted a survey of 11,000 men and women and found that 50% of the violence was reciprocal. Both men and women also took responsibility for being equally violent in the heat of passion.  

The Harvard study found that when violence was one-sided, meaning unprovoked, both men and the women themselves who took the study said 70% of the time it was the women who committed violence against the men.

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